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July 2013

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As the owner of Arnold Law Firm, LLC, I appreciate the business relationships and friendships that have been developed over the last 20 years of practicing law. From time to time, I’d like to stay in contact with you to let you know new developments in the law, and with Arnold Law Firm, LLC through my Newsletter.

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Under the National Firearms Act.

Gun and Flag
At Arnold Law Firm, LLC we can construct a Gun Trust for you that complies with the National Firearms Act (NFA). The NFA regulates Title II weapons (including grenades, silencers, fully automatic machine guns and other “destructive devices”). Gun Trusts make it possible to bypass fingerprinting and signature requirements for gun purchases. Gun Trusts designate others as authorized users of your weapons. Gun Trusts provide for the tranfer of possession of those weapons in the event of death. Properly constructed Gun Trusts prevent you, your family and friends from violating firearms laws. Gun laws are very specific. There are many different laws between local, state and federal governments. A Gun Trust that complies with all of these laws will ensure that you, and others whom you designate, fully comply. Also, it will ensure that in the event of a future sale or transfer, registered weapons will be legally devisable.

NFA Trusts: Important Considerations

Age Restrictions:

1) Must be over the age of 18 to own or purchase a firearm;

2) Must be over 21 to purchase a hand gun;

Disqualification to Ownership:

3) Fugitive status, current indictment, drug dependency, mental incompetence;

Superseding laws:

4) Federal laws supersede State laws, and State laws supersede local ordinances;

Registration of firearms:

5) All NFA firearms are required to be registered with the Secretary of Treasury;

NFA Firearms include:

6) Machine guns and their parts, Silencers, Short-barreled rifles and shotguns, Destructive Devices (Bazookas, Mortars) and Gadget-type firearms;

What exactly does a Gun Trust do?

7) Creates a legal entity for protection of the trust creator and other beneficiaries;

8) Allows you to legally sell, loan, gift or dispose of NFA firearms (registered firearms only);

9) Acts as a Revocable Living Trust that allows for amendments;

10) Provides control over personal property that may be financially or emotionally valuable; and

11) Acts as a mechanism for “sharing” without violating possession laws.

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