Mason Ohio Municipal Court, Case No. 09TRC01116


Client was charged by Mason Police Department with a red light violation in violation of 4511.13, and Operating a Motor Vehicle under the influence of alcohol in violation of Mason City Ordinance 333.01 (A)(1)(a).   The Client refused to submit to a breath test. Client was stopped for driving off the right side of the road on two occasions and failing to stop at the stop bar at a red light, submitted to 3 standardized field sobriety tests, the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) test, the One Leg Stand test, and the Walk and Turn test which the officer indicated she did poorly. Counsel set the matter for a Motion to Suppress the results of the traffic stop, the standardized field sobriety tests, and probable cause to arrest. The day of the Motion to Suppress, Counsel was able to negotiate a plea agreement to a lesser charge of Reckless Operation.