Hamilton County Municipal Court, Case No. C/08/TRC/39560

Norwood OVI/DUI

Client was charged by Norwood Police with 4511.19(A)(1)(a), Operating a Motor Vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drug of abuse (OVI/DUI) and failing to use a turn signal. The State of Ohio presented testimony of a bartender who indicated that he had served young ladies alcohol that morning, and another eyewitness who called 911 for a possibly intoxicated driver leaving the same bar, testified that the client was falling down in the parking lot before getting into her car and drove. Norwood Police responded to the bar and followed the client and waited until she failed to use a turn signal to pull her over. At the scene the arresting officer stated the client admitted to drinking earlier in the evening, that he noticed a strong odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech. The officer asked the client to exit the vehicle and the client refused. She was arrested and refused any field sobriety tests, and a breath test.   After unsuccessful attempts to negotiate a plea to a lesser charge, a bench trial commenced, where the Court found the client not guilty of the OVI.