Fairfield OVI/DUI

Fairfield, Ohio Municipal Court, Case No. 2015 TRC 00283.  Client was stopped by Fairfield Police for driving without his headlights and charged for failing to maintain his lane, a violation of Fairfield Municipal Code 331.08(A), and Operating a Motor Vehicle while Under the Influence of Alcohol (OVI) in violation of Fairfield Municipal Code 333.01(A)(1)(a).     Client was administered the standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs), including the alphabet test, which is not standardized and arrested.   Client refused to submit to a chemical test.  Counsel was able to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense of  Reckless Operation, avoid any further driver’s license suspension past the 37 days Client was suspended, terminate the one year administrative license suspension (ALS) for the refusal, avoid any driver’s intervention program (RDIP), and pay a fine only.